Snowy Mountain Summit Virtual Tour, Adirondacks, NY

After we made it back from the summit of Blue Mountain, Edward and I decided we could make it up Snowy Mountain. Snowy Mountain is a 3.9 mile hike with a 2100 foot climb. We brought lunch and plenty of water this time (we overlooked water on our hike up Blue Mt, not smart) and planned on breaking for lunch halfway up for a nice rest. The beginning of the hike was nice and easy, with a few minor climbs here and there, but generally just hiking to the mountain. Around halfway in, the trail starts climbing, getting steeper and steeper until a level spot, which we took wrongly for the top. It turned out the *real* climb was yet to come. I will never forget after thinking we were just crossing the ridge and would be coming up to the fire tower soon, looking up through a clearing in the trees and seeing the real summit another 800+ feet above us. This last part was probably the steepest climb I have ever hiked. After a couple stops for water, we made it to the top of a rock outcropping with a fantastic view. A short walk led us to the fire tower, which was at least twice as tall as the one on the top of Blue Mountain. Blue Mountain had a large clearing at the top, with the fire tower in the middle. Snowy Mountain had no clearing, so the fire tower had to be tall enough to clear the trees. After another inner battle of will, another climb to the top of the tower, I took this virtual tour.

Snowy Mountain Summit Virtual Tour

Click here to view the virtual tour.

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