A Photo of Vito Paratore Hello, I'm Vito Paratore. I was born in Lakewood, New Jersey in October of 1988. I grew up in the church and became a Christian at an early age. I am currently attending and serving my local church, Remedy Church.

June and July of 2002, I found my inspiration on a month long vacation in the western United States, with my family. We visited national and state parks ranging from Arizona to Oregon. A few months later I bought my first camera, a Canon Powershot G2. Since then, I have upgraded to a Canon 5D Mark II dSLR with a few lenses. Living in New Jersey led me to find inspiration in the intricate details of everyday things. I enjoy finding different views of God's creation, and I hope to show the beauty and design in the things the Creator has made.

I enjoy shooting many different types of photography. Landscape photography is my favorite photographic genre to shoot. There is something about photographing a grand landscape at sunrise or sunset that makes the experience especially enjoyable. Macro or Close-Up photography is another favorite genre of mine. Looking into the details; finding new approaches and angles to everyday things adds challenge to the art. Still Life photography is fun as well, because of the control you have over every aspect of the photograph. Subtle changes in lighting direction and exposure completely changes the mood of the photograph. Panoramic photography adds challenges unlike the other genres. Stitching panoramas makes for opportunities for new images of old subjects. In any area of photography, my goal is to capture the beauty and intricacies of the subject.

I would like to invite you to browse my galleries. If you have any comments on the photos or the website, I urge you to email me. I appreciate your feedback! Also, I have started a photography blog at www.vitoparatore.com/blog. Check the blog often for new entries and updates.

-Vito Paratore